1865 blog Major Otott (Leo Chen)

Dear Millicent Miburn, my dearest wife,                                                                      January 10, 1865
            I am safe to say, this treacherous war is finally over. However, I am sad to report that the Confederacy has lost. I worry what would become of us in the near future. Will we be tortured, imprisoned, would all our belongings be confiscated? I know i don't talk to you about war much, but at least let me tell you the last moments of surrender: I was among the 8,000 soldiers that stood beside Lee. We were surrounded on 3 sides by Union soldiers, but none of us wanted to give up without a fight. We surrendered in the end. When he came back, Lee's head was hung low. We cheered for him but it seemed almost like he was... crying. For the good news, I am happy to say that I'm finally coming home, and with my horse, but no gun. I wish to keep my return a surprise for the children so please don't tell them.

Love, George Ottot

1865 Blog Colonel Pettigrew (McFaul)

I can not express or write an explanations of the wars conclusion, as it's emotion is so strong it can only be expressed poetically. This is why I have written the following composition. 
Dixe was once red  now it is blue it is flooded with the tears of the Rebs, along with Unionists too
Brother against brother  man against man  now we stand together  soldiers hand in hand
less victorious is the union, than it should seem  and more grateful is the south than one would have dreamed 
with dread of captivity, Lee arrives in gray engulfed in stress  Grant has come unmade
though the faces are familiar, they've been divided by war but the cost of the slaughter, is one we can no longer afford
so the fighting will cease  and federal's will be returned though personals will be kept  and food will be administered 
so the journey back begins from Richmond to the Lune but none will be forgotten  as it all ends with Dixie's tune

1865 blogs- Captain Madden (ednaliz pereira)

May 6, 1865

dear journal/ my dearest Mabel

This cruel war is finally over, but there is no rejoicing on the Confederates side for we have lost this four year battle. I along with 8,000 men were with Lee in the last moments of the fighting and we were surrounded by the Union but, we would not go down without a fight. We were out of supplies and we needed reinforcements, which we couldn't get. To our dismay Lee finally surrendered to Grant and the war came to an end. We have had to promise/do 4 things as terms of surrender...
1) we had to give all of our confederate given weapons to the Union
2) we were allowed to keep our own horses and weapons
3) we had to promise that we would not fight again
4) and lastly we are to be given 25,000 ration meals
I do not now what will happen to us now that we are back as a "whole" country again, will we be tortured, killed, imprisoned? Or will we be able to live our lives freely? What will happen to our slaves and how will we continue t…

Chris V 1865 Blog

Dear Rose,
Dixieland has fallen. I never thought this could happen, but it has. I cannot even express how sad this makes me. Everything I have been fighting for and devoting myself too for the last 4 years has been destroyed and taken by those stupid Yanks.  It started with Richmond Virginia being burned down on 1865 April 2, which was a big blow to the Confederacy. And the worst part, the part where it all ended, was when we were surrounded by the Union at Saylors Creek on April 6. 6000 Men are captured or surrenders and Grant sends Lee a letter to end the bloodshed. Even though the Confederacy being ended makes incredibly angry, I admire Grants character at essentially sparing the lives of Lee and the other soldiers. He had us surrounded and outnumbered 5 to 1 and we were in lousy condition. He could have marched in there and completely slaughtered us, but instead he sends Lee a letter to end it. I hate him with all my heart, but at the same time I will never forgot his kind gesture…

1864 blog Major Otott (Leo Chen)

Dear Father,                                                                                                                          May 23,1864

Greetings father, I know it's been a while since I have written to you. My apologies for making you worried and such. But just a couple days ago, those Union scum decided to try and fight us in our own territory, the wilderness. The Union Potomac Army, thinking that numbers is all you need to win a war. Such foolishness, for we know the wilderness' like the back of our hand. With all the thick vegetation, we had all the necessary things for sneak attacks, traps, and flanks. But in the end, we ended up incinerating the whole forest, killing so many wounded men who couldn't run. I almost feel bad for those men. The Potomac retreated faster than they came, leaving the ones who couldn't be saved behind. We later met that scummy Union army in Spottsylvania, Virginia resulting in a 10 day battle. We ended up shoving them back to the…

Cpt Longstreet 1864 Blog (Chris Vukadin)

Dear my lovely Rose, I am sorry for not writing you for such a while and I hope I did not scare you. The Union troops damaged our confidence really bad and I fear this may mark a turning point for the Union. The Union marched right into Atlanta, took our cotton and slaves, and just lit the place ablaze after helping themselves to our spoils. The heartlessness of their actions, just marching up to our most prized possession and burning it to the ground, I will never understand it. Oh Rose, I worry for the freedom of Dixieland everyday and I hope this is not the beginning of the end for us with all my heart. I hope you are doing okay and I cannot wait to see you and the kid again.
Love, James Longstreet